Aqua School Story

How it all Began

Aqua School was found by a mother of two children who discovered her passion for helping children just like her own on how to stay safe and how to survive once they are in the body of water. Also, bringing their awareness of the significance of teaching children from the youngest age about water safety is an absolute priority for every parent. A simple safety and survival skills is essential for everyone at the earliest age.

Aqua School
Aqua School

Water Safety Awareness

There are no kids who do not like water. The only reasons kids cry and fight is because they get to learn very early in life about what’s safe and what’s not, and they get afraid. As long as we are here to teach them at an early age, there is no reason for them to be frightened. We convey to parents that a child who arrives at the pool should not be fearful as their first experience is learning. We urge you to bring them before they become afraid of water, preferably as toddlers.

Our Message

Water, among other elements, is the only other element that we as human beings get to conquer on our own without any special tools and equipment. So we should be able to swim as good as we walk on earth. It is a simple essential skill for every one of us. Swimming lessons are not a luxury; it's a necessity.

Aqua School